Best Puppy Exercise Tips and Schedule Guidelines

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

Best Puppy Exercise Schedule Guidelines

Best Puppy Exercise Schedule Guidelines

The best puppy exercise tips and schedule guidelines are best determined by you and your dog. You should know that a very small puppy will obviously not be capable of running around in the blazing hot sun for hours at a time. In contrast, an active husky may enjoy romping in the snow for as long as you allow. Puppies have their limits, and the rule of thumb is basically to consider how you are feeling, and that’s roughly how your dog is feeling too.

A lot is going to depend on the environment where you exercise your puppy, and thought should be put into the planning of where, how long, and what sort of work out you intend offering your dog.

Climate should be factored in to your exercise regimen, but if we were to consider some generalities, here are a few good tips for you and your puppy:

Best Puppy Exercise Tips and Schedule Guidelines

Cesar Millan says:

I have always adhered to the theory that, as long as you are careful, the dog is the best one to tell you what too much exercise is. Puppies often do not have enough muscle tone to take long runs, but there are always exceptions. Most dogs and puppies will tell you when they have hit their limit, and it is important to resist pushing them beyond this point.

Even if your dog or puppy wants to keep going, some things you should be cautious about are:

Be sure that your dog does not overheat.

If you are too hot, assume they are. Provide water or try to run in a cooler area.

Be consistent with exercise.

The weekend marathon after a week of couch potato life is very hard on the joints.

Be cautious with your dog’s feet.

Running on cement (especially hot cement) can cause sloughing of the foot pads, so try to have breaks on softer surfaces or at least work your dog up to the harder surfaces to give them a chance to form the necessary calluses.

Be aware of your dog’s limits.

Until you understand your dog’s stamina, be sure that you are able to stop when your dog starts to lag behind. (i.e., take the short route 5 times instead of the long route once.) If you feel that he or she is not able to go as far as they should, consult a vet to see if there is a reason for the intolerance. (Full story here)

The best puppy exercise tips and schedule guidelines should be measured by these tips, and keep in mind that a healthy dog is also a fit dog, and a fit and healthy dog require lots of regular walks, runs and play to allow your pet to exert and feel the bond with you, the Alpha of the pack, who he/she respects and loves.


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