Introducing Cat to Dog Tips: Best Puppy Advice (Video)

Written by Contributing Editor Beverly Philips

If you’re looking for introducing cat to dog tips: best puppy advice, then this video is going to run you through some helpful hints on how to go about it. There are several things to keep in mind when bringing a cat into your home where there’s a dog, and one of the first things is to try to look for an opportunity to introduce the cat to your dog prior to bringing him/her home. If there’s an adverse reaction from the get-go, chances are you may have a challenge on your hands.

Dog experts recommend taking it slowly, and probably the best thing to remember if your dog has not had much contact with cats, it’s going to be his natural reaction to respond in a way that may alarm you, but bear in mind that your dog will do what comes natural, and that may be to bark, bristle or show some form of aggression.

As with all dog training tips, it takes patience, persistence, and leadership to help your pets adjust to any sort of change.

Introducing Cat to Dog Tips: Best Puppy Advice (Video)

My experience has been varied depending on the breed of dog, and the temperament of the different dogs I’ve had over the years. For example, I trained my Lab using the command “no chase”, and the dog understood this very well. However, once in a while, especially if he was alone in the yard with the cat, and without supervision, he would give a little chase. That said, he did know it was wrong, and he’d always look over his shoulder, and would put his head down if he heard me call out “no chase” from inside the house. This Introducing cat to dog tips: best puppy advice video has some great ideas on how to set things up for success, and how to avoid failure from the very beginning.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Cat to Dog Tips: Best Puppy Advice (Video)

  1. I’ve always wanted to add a cat to our family but always thought it would be really hard to manage that with a dog. Thanks for sharing these “Introducing cat to dog” tips. I might have to go the shelter now for a cat :-)

  2. Thanks for the awesome tips! One thing I learned since becoming a dog owner – some breeds have a naturally high prey drive (dalmatians among them!). So I never intended to get a cat – but “inherited” one anyway! Sadly, the cat has to live in the garage (don’t feel too bad, this is SoCal, it doesn’t get that cold or hot). My dog does know that when she comes home from a car ride, she’s to go straight into the house. Today she ran right by the cat, ignoring her! :)

  3. Great tips! I am very lucky that my dog accepted our cat very quickly. It was because the cat, prior to coming to our house, had lived with lots of dogs, so when the dog wanted to attack her she couldn’t care less. She wasn’t scared…the dog had no option but to be her best friend! It is amazing how they show their own way of problem solving!

    • Pet communication is amazing, and glad to hear they sorted this out amongst themselves. Thanks for visiting. Peter

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