5 Best Puppy Natural Immune System Boosters for Dogs

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

Just as we need to support our immune system with a balanced diet, exercise and living a stress-free lifestyle, our pets require much the same environment and input. The following 5 best puppy natural immune system boosters for dogs provide that balance. We all want what’s best for our pets, and giving them the opportunity to live a long and healthy life should be paramount.

Animals that live in the wild are active, eat fresh, and, for the most part, are not exposed to artificial foods, additives and chemicals that are often present in commercially available foods for both humans and dogs.

5 Best Puppy Natural Immune System Boosters for Dogs

5 Best Puppy Natural Immune System Boosters for Dogs

5 Best Puppy Natural Immune System Boosters for Dogs

Check this list to be sure you are providing all of the following components for a healthy life for your puppy:

The immune system is a defense against disease. The immune system can identify harmful substances like bacteria and viruses and destroy them before they have the chances to cause disease. A healthy immune system can prevent any disease – even cancer – when it is working properly.

Unfortunately immune systems can fail. Two of the common failures of a dog’s immune system are autoimmune disease and immunodeficiency.

Autoimmune disease is where the immune system turn against it’s host. It fails to recognize outside dangers from the body’s own cells. This can lead to autoimmune diseases such as arthritis in dogs.

Immunodeficiency is a inefficient immune system which fails to act when attacked by viruses or other threats. If your dog is falling prey to different diseases, chances are his immune system needs a boost!

How to keep your dog’s immune system healthy

There are steps we can take on a regular basis to make sure our dogs immune system is up to scratch. Most of these are common sense.

  1. Make sure your dog always has a clean supply of drinking water available.
  2. Let him have as much exercise as possible.
  3. Ensure his diet is as good as possible. Include a good supply of raw foods.
  4. Make sure his environment is healthy. If he is inside, make sure he (and you!) is not exposed to too much pesticide. Outside the same goes for weed killers.
  5. Give him herbs to boost his immune system. Echinacea and Astragalus for immunity and Dandelion and Mild Thistle for cleansing the liver. These are also available in C-cap capsules. (Source)

The 5 best puppy natural immune system boosters for dogs are actually quite basic in nature, and if you are not sure if your dog is getting all that he/she needs to make up this balance, there are products available to help provide these requirements. C-cap capsules help prevent dog diseases such as cancer and arthritis. The best and most important ingredient in your dog’s life is going to be you and your loving care. This alone provides a great deal of security and balance to your puppy, as you represent a pack leader—which is vital and a very natural basic need for your pet. It’s the little things in addition to that that also contribute to the well-being and long-life of your family dog. Pet Alive C-cap capsules are an antioxidant for your pet, and are easy to incorporate within meals.