5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dogs So Much

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dogs So Much

5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dogs So Much

If I were to offer 5 reasons why we love our dogs so much, it would boil down to some very basic fundamentals of life itself. And, if you’re anything like me, when you’ve spent the day working hard, endured ups and downs, ebbs and flows, dealt with nincompoopery, and generally just tuckered out, there’s nothing better to be greeted at home with a cheerful smile from loved ones—and this certainly includes the warm welcome I receive from my lovable puppies.

That warm and gratifying greeting is enough to relieve all the stress and pressures of the day, as that unconditional love and playful spirit brings much joy to the end of each and every day.

5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dogs So Much

  1. Unconditional love
  2. Non-judgmental
  3. Loyalty
  4. Therapeutic
  5. Companionship

Sometimes I look at my dogs and marvel at the simplicity and strength in their ability to overlook my moods, in fact, I don’t think that it matters to them how I feel. Pooches are created to bring love and loyalty and this is a very precious and connective ability that breaks through to our hearts to remind us of that love is the most important expression to both give and receive.

The evidence of the power of a dog’s love is overwhelming. Patients in hospitals in critical condition respond to the wag of a tail more than the best medication provided that no pharmaceutical company can replicate. The lonely and destitute that have a dog are blessed with a companion who will love them with our without money, shelter, or a back yard of their own. Material possessions do not matter to a dog, and all he/she wants is to give love and loyalty to their owner.

This powerful and heart-warming bond is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide and every dog owner knows that they can rely of their pooch to always be there for them for fun, play, attention and love.

How many times have you heard someone referring to their dog as their “baby”? Or, how many people refer to themselves as Mommy, or Daddy when talking to their dog? Most dog owners are incredibly attached to their puppy, and consider the pet as part of the family to a point of full inclusion on every activity, event, holiday, house purchase, i.e. “is the house going to be suitable for the dog?” “Is the yard big enough for the puppy?”

5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dogs So Much (Video)

I know a couple who purchased a home (a very expensive home) where the dogs occupy an entire living room in the downstairs section of the house. They have their own couches, television, patio, bathroom. These living quarters are kept clean and tidy as if humans were living there. No expense has been spared.

Over the top you say? So if I were to ask your 5 reasons why we love our dogs so much, would your list be similar to mine? In a lot of cases, dogs have replaced children, a husband, a wife, a girlfriend or boyfriend. A lot of people consider their pet to be a reliable source of comfort and love over and above other human beings.

The life of a dog in human years is relatively short so we are responsible to give them the best years we can by the best care we can provide. This does not necessarily mean an elaborate, exorbitant and lavish lifestyle—although some take this to the extreme, but rather the sense of knowing they are loved in return, well-fed, trained and disciplined. Yes, I said disciplined and when I say that I’m referring to the boundaries, house rules, social etiquette and behavioral patterns you outline. Dogs respond to leadership and respect this as part of life and they want to clearly know the structure, boundaries and restrictions.

This is how dogs roll. They need a pack leader in their lives. Their mother begins teaching her pups from day one in order to assert her authority in a loving and caring manner. Relating human independence and human thought processes to your dog is a mistake most of us make, and, as I often say in my articles, a dog is a dog. Dogs do not think like we do, and they certainly do not communicate like we do. People would argue with me on that point, but the fact of the matter is, dogs are not human.

Your puppy seeks for your leadership and this is what offers security and a healthy mental foundation for your pet. This provides a solid comfort zone and is the basis for a long term and successful relationship for you and your puppy. Bottom line: dogs love discipline, and without it you will encourage bad behavior and your pet will interpret this as your call for him to become the pack leader and take control.

I’ve seen little Yorkshire Terriers literally controlling a household where he was brought up without control, no training and with no knowledge of pack leadership from his owner and consequently interpreted this as his role to step forward as the pack leader with full territorial rights which rendered the dog completely unapproachable by friends, neighbors, children or anyone who approached the house. This dog is not getting the love he deserves, and has grown up without the security that love brings—not the sort of dog I would have in my house.

Part of the 5 reasons why we love our dogs so much is because they give and give, and no matter what the circumstances, your dog will love you first and foremost. Unconditional love comes wrapped in an enthusiastic fur ball and the urge to please you is first and foremost in the mind of your pooch. That wonderful positive emotion that exudes from your canine is a reflection of the joy in his heart that he wants to share and shower upon you. How different life would be without that gift.



6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why We Love Our Dogs So Much

  1. I agree with your 5 and I’d add, because my pup makes me laugh!

    • Hi Andi. Yes, that sounds like a good addition to the list. They sure do make us laugh. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Nice article Peter! I don’t indulge my pup with anything expensive – and I guess I’m a bit in shock at folks who do, considering the needs of so many humans – but I do give her lots of love and attention!! Thank you for this great site.

    • Me too. Love an attention are the best gifts we can give to our puppies. Glad you enjoyed the article, and thank you for visiting.

  3. It is amazing what dogs do for our lives but I do agree that what some people do is excessive. I was surprised to hear of a 5 star pet hotel in South Beach that had spas and discos for cats and dogs..and was a great success.

    • In an attempt to please their dogs, people try to humanize them, and give them human treats, gifts and housing. However, although this is people’s choice to do so, a dog is still a dog. Thanks for commenting.

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