550 Most Popular Puppy Names

Written by Contributing Editor Beverly Phillips

Now that you have your new puppy, chances are you may need help with a name. I have compiled 550 most popular puppy names, and choosing one can be fun. One of the best ways of going about it, unless a name just jumps right off the page at you, take time to go over the list and perhaps choose 5 of your favorites. Once you’ve done this, consider those 5 carefully, and see which one really suits your dog’s personality, coloring, breed, and one that you’re most happy with.

550 Most Popular Names for Puppies

550 Most Popular Names for Puppies

To be honest with you, your dog isn’t going to care what name you choose. As soon as he/she gets used to the name you’ve chosen, it will be like music to his/her ears when you call.

Over the years with the different dogs I’ve had, I’ve found it best to use a single syllable name, especially since you’ll be using it a lot and it’s quick and instant. Having said that, I’ve had several dogs with two syllable names, which often adapted to abbreviations and variations, and the dog recognized all of them as his/hers without a problem.

550 Most Popular Puppy Names

Abby, Addison, Agent, Akamaru, Alexander, Alf, Alfie, Almondine, Andrew, Angel, Annie, Angelo, Angesis, Annabelle, Antoinette, Arf, Arfie, Argos, Arrow, Arthur, Asta, Astro, Augie

Babycakes, Bagel, Bailey, Baleia , Balto, Bam bam, Bandit, Banga, Barney, Baree, Barkley, Bartholomew, Baxter, Bear, Beck, Beau, Beethoven, Bella, Belle, Belvedere, Benji, Bentley, Betsey, Bingo, Blanche, Blitzee, Blood, Blue, Bob, Bo Jangles, Bolivar, Boomer, Boots, Brandy, Bruno, Buster, Bolt, Bones, Boomer, Boots, Bowser, Brain, Brandy, Brian, Bruiser, Bruno, Bubble, Buck, Buckley, Buckshot, Budderball, Buddy, Buhdda, Bullseye, Buster, Butch, Butler, Buttons

Cafall, Camille, Canine, Capote, Casey, Carface Charlie, Chelsea, Chloe, Coco, Cody, Cooper, Carl, Carlos, Catdog, Cerberus, Ceril, Chance, Charkie, Charlie, Checkers, Cherokee, Cherry, Chestnut, Chief, Chloe, Chocho, Chomper, Chopper, Churchill, Clifford, Commander, Cooler, Copper, Courage, Crab, Cujo

Daisy, Dakota, Diamond, Dixie, Duke, Daisy, Dan, Demon, Den, Devil, Dewey, Dewy, Diesel, Digby, Diggs, Dinah, Dingo, Dingus, Dinky, Dino, Diogenes, Dogbert, Dogmatix, Dogtanian, Doidle, Dollar, Domo, Doppler, Dragon, Droopy, Duchess, Dudley, Dug, Duke, Dukey, Dutchess, Dynomutt

Emma, Edge, Edgey, Edison, Ein, Einstein, Elektra, Elroy, Enzo, Eos, Estelle, Eugene

Fang, Farfel, Fauntleroy, Fetch, Fidele, Fido, Fifi, Flossie, Fluffy, Fluke, Fly, Frank, Fred, Fu dog, Fussy, Fuzzy

Ginger, Gizmo, Gracie, Gus, Garm, Gaspode, Gator, George, Gigi, Gin, Ginger, Gir, Gnaish, Gnasher, Goddard, Gogo, Goliath, Golly, Goober, Goofy, Goopy, Grace, Griswald, Grizzle, Gromit, Grunt

Hachi, Haman, Hank, Harold, Harley, Heidi, Henry, Holly, Honey, Hunter, Hector, Heen, Hercules, Hooch, Horton, Hound, Howard, Huan, Hush

Irving, Itchy

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wife to Prince William, has a puppy they have named Lupo, which is apparently Latin for wolf. The royal cocker spaniel will no doubt be pursued by the paparazzi and be photographed every time it goes outside, and will probably learn not to be camera shy from an early age.

Your puppy may not have an equally prestigious beginning, but the name you choose will be heard throughout the kingdom of your household—and that’s all that matters to your pet. There’s bound to be a good choice somewhere within these 550 most popular puppy names.

Jack, Jackal, Jake, Jasper, Jackson, Jasmine, Joey, Jed, Jelly, Jenna, Jennie, Jerry, Jess, Jip, Jock, John, Jojo, Juno

Katie, K9, Kashtanka, Kazak, Kazakh, Kazan, Kep, Kerouac, Killer, King, Kipper, Kitty, Kiwi,

Lad, Lady, Lexi, Lilly, Lily, Lola, Louie, Lucky, Lucy, Lugo, Luke, Lulu, Luna, Laddie, Ladybird, Lafayette, Laika, Lara, Laska, Lassie, Lenny, Leslie, Lilly, Lion, Lockjaw, Loony, Lou, Louie, Luca, Lucky, Luther

Mac, Madison, Maggie, Max, Maximus, Mia, Milo, Missy, Molly, Murphy, Mackintosh, Madgie, Manchee, Manfred, Marc, Marie, Marit, Marley, Martha, Matisse, Max, Maya, Mcduff, Mel, Mendoza, Michelangelo, Mildred, Milo, Miranda, Missis, Missy, Mojo, Moptop, Moses, Moti, Mouse, Mr Peabody, Mud bud, Muffin, Mumbly, Mungo, Muttley

Nana, Nanook, Napoleon, Nero, Nick, Nikki

Oconnor, Odie, Old dan, Old jack, Oldyeller, Olive, Oliver, Orson, Oscar, Otis

Pacman, Paddlefoot, Pakkun, Pal, Pansy, Patou, Patrsche, Pearl, Pedro, Pendleton, Penny, Pepper, Perdita, Pero, Pete, Peter, Petula, Pickles, Piggy, Pilot, Pinky, Pippin, Pluto, Pochacco, Poky, Pompey, Pongo, Poochie, Pops, Porkchop, Porthos, Potsworth, Preacher, Precious, Preston, Prince, Pudgy, Pugnax, Penny, Pepper, Princess

Rab, Rad, Riley, Rocco, Rocky, Romeo, Rosie, Roxie, Roxy, Ruby, Rudy, Rusty, Ralph, Rambo, Randolph, Red, Reddy, Ren, Reno, Rex, Rex, Ribsy, Riffraff, Rimshot, Rita, Robowan, Roger, Roobarb, Rosebud, Rover, Rowf, Rowlf, Roy, Ruff, Rumbo, Runt, Russell, Ryan

Sadie, Sam, Samantha, Sammy, Samson, Sandy, Sasha, Shadow, Shelby, Sophie, Sparky, Stella, Scamper, Schaeffer, Scooby, Scooper, Scrappy, Scraps, Seamus, Searchlight, Seymour, Shadow, Shadowz, Sharik, Sharky, Shasta, Shiloh, Shoeshine, Shorty, Shoshine, Sinatra, Sirius, Skip, Skippy, Skylar, Slinkster, Sniff, Snitter, Snoopy, Snowy, Snuff, Soda, Sparky, Speck, Spike, Spit, Spot, Spotty, Sprocket, Spud, Squirrel, Star, Stogie, Streak, Strider, Sweep, Sweetheart

Tasha, Teddy, Toby, Tucker, Taffy, Thor, Thorn, Thunderbolt, Tiger, Titla, Toby, Tock, Top, Toto, Trey, Tripod, Triumph, Truman, Trump, Tulip, Turk, Tyco, Tyke

Uggie, Underdog

Valetka, Verdell, Vick, Vickie, Vince, Vinnie

Waddlesworth, Waffles, Wagger, Waddles, Wags, Walter, Weed, Weenie, Wellington, White fang, Wiggins, William, Wolf, Wonder, Wondermutt, Wordsworth


Yellow, Yodel, Yankee, Yokel

Zeus, Zoe, Zoey

My list of 550 most popular puppy names should provide you with some ideas, and if there still isn’t a name that suits you and your pet, at least this will be a help to get the ball rolling. Sometimes it’s a matter of looking at your new puppy and deciding whether or not it’s a name you’ll be happy with and that you’re able to start using immediately. The sooner you name your dog, the sooner he/she will start to recognize it and this will be one of the most important “tools” for you as you start training your little pooch. Have some fun with it, and enjoy the naming process.



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