Best Puppy Advice on How to Stop Jumping on People

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Editor

Best Puppy Advice on How to Stop Jumping on People

Best Puppy Advice on How to Stop Jumping on People

People often ask me how do to train your puppy not to jump on visitors. This is a common problem and one that should be dealt with to stop this bad habit. The best puppy advice on how to stop jumping on people starts with consistency on your part.

My recommendation is to not allow this sort of behavior in your puppy, and let them know this is unacceptable. First of all, when you have been out of the house for the day, and you return to an excited dog, my remedy has always been to be calm about your arrival and not to stir up to situation with exuberance.

As much as you may want to reciprocate the enthusiasm, if you allow this to happen, you will be cultivating a situation that will spill over onto every visitor to your home, and no one wants to be greeted at the door by a dog jumping all over them. This is especially true for someone who may not be comfortable around dogs, or someone who may be carrying a plate of food, a child, or be elderly and already unsteady on their feet.

Best Puppy Advice on How to Stop Jumping on People

Dog whisperer, Cesar Millan advises to:

Establish yourself as pack leader.

When a dog doesn’t have a clear pack leader, she tries to fill the vacant role, usually to disastrous results (for the owner and for the dog!) The pack leader leads by projecting a calm-assertive energy.

Don’t shower your dog with affection when you walk through the door.

This kind of attention is wonderful for a human child, but not for a dog. Remember dogs are animals, and the kindest thing you can do is to treat your dog like a dog and communicate in a way he’ll understand.

Correct bad behavior.

The dog’s mom, the ultimate pack leader, would never tolerate inappropriate activity. If she sees something she doesn’t like, she stops it by moving the puppy out of the way in a calm-assertive manner. The puppy learns an important boundary from the lesson, and her firm and unambiguous leadership balances the puppy’s submissive role in the pack.

When your guests arrive, ask your dog to sit patiently.

Your dog will follow your commands when he respects you as his pack leader. Remember, the animal pack leader doesn’t negotiate to get what he or she wants.

You can’t be a leader only some of the time.

Leadership is forever; inconsistency triggers confusion and anxiety in a dog. Animal pack leaders never waver from their leadership role, and neither should you! (Original article here)

The best puppy advice on how to stop jumping on people is to get your whole family to agree to cooperate. This is crucial to the success of overcoming the problem. Simply do not allow the behavior, and calmly enter your home to portray to your pet that excitable conduct is not part of the deal of being a member of your family.

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