Best Puppy Service Dogs Training for Active Pets

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

Best Puppy Service Dogs Training for Active Pets

Best Puppy Service Dogs Training for Active Pets

If your dog has the potential to be a helper, you may want to look at the best puppy service dogs training for active pets options. Some dogs will have a natural inclination to be useful not just as a pet, but for a service to the community, rescue, therapy, or maybe even some form of entertainment such as TV commercials or movies. All sorts of possibilities could be available to you if you think your dog is eligible.

Take a look at the general requirements below, and if this suits you and your dog, then there are organizations that you can connect with to take it to the next level.

Best Puppy Service Dogs Training for Active Pets

If you find yourself coming home to a restless pup, you might want to consider finding Fido a job. Dogs were born to work and they thrive on the mental stimulation it provides. Just like us, our-four legged counterparts love the feeling of accomplishment and a job well done. While basic training may be enough work for some dogs, over-“pawchievers” should search the classifieds for job openings in these canine-approved fields.

Therapy dog

For dogs, bringing joy to others is in their genes. Most dogs, due to their gentle and loving disposition, are naturally fit to be therapy dogs. With therapy training, your pet could help create joy for the elderly or help heal psychic wounds for trauma victims. If your pup brings a smile to your face, let them spread the love by making a difference to those who need it most. Some training and certification courses may be required, so make sure you research organizations near you for specific requirements. Organizations like the Delta Society provide extensive information about therapy dogs and where to find a pet partner near you.

Job requirements:

At least one year old

Gets along with other canines

Calm and gentle characteristics

Obey their masters

Current on all vaccinations

Actor/model dog

Is your pet really, really, ridiculously adorable? If posing for the camera makes his tail wag, you might consider taking him for a walk – on the red carpet that is. A dog with the right charisma has the potential for a career in showbiz. While competition in Tinseltown is just as stiff for pets as it is for humans, making your pets’ dreams come true is priceless. Start by making a puppy portfolio, complete with headshots and action shots of your pup. Contact pet talent agencies like Hollywood Paws and Le Paws to help you get a leg up on the competition and sniff out potential gigs.

Job requirements:

Food- or toy-motivated

Calm temperament

Comfortable in crowds

Flexible schedule

Proper grooming and hygiene

Search-and-rescue dog

If your dog has a nose for action, a career in search and rescue may be a good fit. Committing to train your pet as a search-and-rescue dog requires ample time and patience but the rewards are endless. Not only will you and your furry friend help out your community, but extensive training means lots of quality bonding hours. Job duties include utilizing scent training to find people who are lost or missing, wilderness tracking and trailing, and responding in disaster situations.

Job requirements:

Excellent physical health

High levels of energy and endurance

Agreeable temperament

Exceptional listening skills


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No matter what level of ability your dog may be useful for, the best puppy service dogs training for active pets may bring a new lease on life to your canine friend. If you are to consider such an option, then take the time to approach the appropriate agency for more specific information and set up interviews to see where your pooch could fit in. It’s a great way to expand your pet’s horizons, and opens new door for socializing your dog and improving his senses and stimulating that natural instinct to be a helper of some kind.

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