Best Puppy House Training Tips Using Clicks and Treats

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

Best Puppy House Training Tips Using Clicks and Treats

Best Puppy House Training Tips Using Clicks and Treats

The best puppy house training tips using clicks and treats can start the very day you bring your new pet home. If you begin immediately, you will be developing a fresh new habit for your dog, as well as helping him/her to connect with his new environment.

Hearing these clicks will be foreign to your puppy, but if you start by associating the click with a reward, the dog will begin to quickly understand that the click is his new center of attention and he will respond positively. Each time you use the click method it should be immediately followed up with a treat. It’s vital that the clicker is not overused by other family members, or used for any other reason other than to train your puppy. Be sure everyone in your household fully understands that the use of the clicker is for training purposes and should be utilized properly and responsibly.

In fact, if your clicker is not used correctly, your pet will soon learn to ignore it, and its use will then become of no use at all.

Some dog trainers don’t use a clicker at all, and are very successful at house training. There are several methods that work equally as good, and the point of the exercise is to be patient, diligent, watchful and consistent. I’m focusing on the clicker training method in this article as it’s a very good technique for new dog owners who have never house trained a puppy before.

Best Puppy House Training Tips Using Clicks and Treats

House training can be started immediately you get your pup home, using dog obedience training techniques, because it is really never too early to start.

You can stay outside with the pup, let him explore and investigate his world, but watch him. When his breathing is calm, feed him, and then, as soon as he is finished eating, take him outside and wait for him to poop. Now put him in the crate and put the crate in an area where the pup can see you. He will settle down and when he wakes up, you will be able to release him from the crate and take him straight outside.

Until he has gained some control of his bladder at around 4 months old, I recommend you use some form of barriers to keep the pup contained in an area that has floors easy to clean whenever he is not in his crate. If you put newspaper on the floor, this will help with the clean up. The obedience training technique I recommend is the use of a clicker which you use to tell the pup he has just done the right thing by toileting outside. You need to introduce the pup to the noise of the click as quickly as possible.

When you bring your pup home, you have just ripped it away from its mom and siblings and dumped it into a strange environment. It is going to be a little upset and stressed. You need to have bought a dog crate before the dog comes home. If there is going to be someone at home with the pup, have a good game with the pup to tire him. Let him stop huffing and puffing and then give him a light meal. If you feed any dog immediately after strenuous exercise, you have a good chance of ending up with stomach torsion.

Start by just clicking and rewarding. Use tiny morsels of roast chicken. About the size of a match head. You want to get as many clicks in as you can in a minute, but every click must be followed instantly with a reward, and the pup must be able to swallow the treat instantly. This continues for about five minutes. Then slow down the click rate and put a short gap between clicks around 5 to 10 seconds. You are now teaching the pup that the click means he gets a reward. Click here to visit the original source of this post

A small puppy should not be given free range inside your home. He must first learn by being confined to a penned in area where he will sleep and eat—which is what he’ll be doing most of the time anyway. Keep a close eye on him at all times, and remember that although the best puppy house training tips using clicks and treats is very effective, your puppy will have accidents and it’s important to clean up immediately without making a big fuss about it—he’s just a puppy, and is learning a brand new process. It’s a good idea to take your puppy to the place outside where you want him to poop. It’s the regularity and timing that you will learn and become accustomed to as you become accustomed to your dogs needs—and this is the best methodology in the house training process.


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