Rescue Dogs Find New Home

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

We all love a good story, and that is why I want to tell this particular heart-warming one.

Rescue Dogs Find New Home. Pearla the Samoyed. Photo by Peter Gehr

Rescue dogs are of particular interest to me, and this is not only because I’m a dog lover, but I’m also very intrigued by the people who adopt dogs and the reasons why they chose their dog from the animal shelter.

In most cases, it’s life or death for the dog, and timing is of the essence when it comes to finding a home or not finding a home.

The fact of the matter is, some of these dogs simply don’t get a chance at life, love and family for reasons far beyond their control.

Rescue Dogs Find New Home

This is a story about Jez and Pearla.

Jez is a Lab-cross, and Pearla a Samoyed.

Jez had been adopted from a rescue shelter several years ago by a young family who simply fell in love with him at first site. Jez is now around 13 years old and has had a loving, active and well-cared-for life. Once he passes, this young family will retain a beautiful memory of a sweet-spirited, fun-loving pet whose life could have ended much more abruptly had this kind-hearted family not stepped forward to offer a home.

Rescue Dogs Find New Home. Jez the Lab-Cross. Photo by Peter Gehr

Knowing that Jez is showing signs of aging and his rich life will soon come to an end, this same family realized that another canine companion would be a comfort for him as well as an addition to their collection of pets (which includes 5 cats) and to help soften the blow of losing Jez when that day comes around. Good plan.

Upon arrival at the animal shelter, and with full intention of adopting another dog, Pearla attracted their attention from the get-go. Pearla had only been left at the shelter for 5 days and seemed to be fully focused on impressing this kind family with her antics, love and adorable disposition.

It was an easy choice and from that day on, Pearla has brought nothing but joy and happiness to both old Jez and the rest of the family.

To add to this great rescue story, the family has since moved abroad and is living on the other side of the world—along with Jez and Pearla.

Just think: These two extremely fortunate dogs went from being someone else’s burden to someone else’s blessing, and have found themselves in a well-deserved and loving environment.

Rescue dogs find new home: Jez and Pearla’s story moved me, and gave me a sense of happiness to have met them and shared a moment with them, and, most of all, to connect with a family who are overjoyed by the fact that they have made a major contribution to the longevity of these precious canines.

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Top 50 Dog Training Online Videos with Dove Cresswell

Top 50 Dog Training Online Videos with Dove Cresswell. Photo by Peter Gehr

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Best Tips on How to Pick a Puppy for Your Family

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

Best Tips on How to Pick a Puppy for Your Family

Best Tips on How to Pick a Puppy for Your Family

If you’re considering a pet, here are the best tips on how to pick a puppy for your family. Although you may be able to find a bargain from a litter across town, you should be aware that that sort of bargain can end up costing you money and emotional trauma. Having said that, I’m not suggesting that you don’t do that, but I am recommending caution to avoid inheriting a sick or unhealthy puppy.

By knowing some fundamentals in order to make an informed decision, you can avoid issues that you may not even be aware exist. In fact, the only criteria most people in mind are limited to the following: Is it cute?

However, try to be a little more objective when making this choice. Be pragmatic and sensible and be sure you have some testing rules in place to help you.

Best Tips on How to Pick a Puppy for Your Family

Here are some steps to include to help you choose your pet:

Choosing a healthy puppy is easy. Health is the foundation everything else builds off. If you ignore this simple, puppy health check you may end up paying for it later.

Before you start any puppy testing , you should follow some basic guidelines to find a healthy pup. Make sure you spend time evaluating each puppy.

Be objective. Don’t fall in love with a puppy because you feel sorry for it, or think it’s cute. Of course it’s cute, they’re all cute. You have plenty of time to coo once you have a healthy puppy romping around with you.

Sickly puppies and dogs are a burden both emotionally and monetarily. Before taking on a dog or puppy with known health problems, be sure you have the means in both time and money.

If you do end up with a sickly dog, or puppy you will need to have a veterinarian check them out thoroughly.

When you approach a litter of pups observe them for a while. Do you see any pups that don’t seem to fit in? Are there any with noticeable limps or discharge around their eyes? Are their coats clotted and matted? Do you see any bare spots? If yes, it is worth inspecting the whole litter very carefully. It’s not uncommon for a whole litter of puppies to become infected from one sickly pup.

After observing the puppies pick each one up and make some, simple inspections:

A healthy puppy has teeth that meet in the front of the mouth with the tops slightly overlapping. Pull back their lips and check. At the same time look for pink, wet gums, and bright white teeth.

A healthy puppy’s nose should be slightly damp. It shouldn’t drip or leak mucus. A puppy’s breathing should be clear without any raspiness. Puppies shouldn’t have stuffed noses.

Check the puppy’s ears. They should be clean and should not carry any offensive odors.

A healthy puppy’s feet and legs will point forward when the puppy is standing. Dogs shouldn’t be pigeon toed or bowlegged. Run your hand down each limb feeling for any obvious abnormalities.

Check the eyes. They should be clear without any mucus buildup around the lids. The hair around the eyes should be unmatted and dry.

Litter Condition

Check the overall condition of the litter area. The litter area should be free of dog poop and pee. The puppy’s fur should be clean. If you see poop on their fur it most likely means the pen was neglected. Healthy puppies won’t poop where they eat and sleep unless they have no other choice. Puppies that have been living in filth may have problems with rolling and poop eating when they become adult dogs. They will also be harder to house train.

The great majority of puppies are healthy puppies, but it’s worth a close inspection to make sure your new best friend is a healthy puppy. Click here to visit the original source of this post

Some of the best tips on how to pick a puppy for your family are actually pretty practical and methodical. Let yourself be guided with a reasonable approach to the decision process, and you’ll end up with an assurance that you’ve chosen well, and chosen “cute.”