Best Puppy: 3 Top Tips on How Do You Get A Puppy to Stop Biting (Video)

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

A lot of professional dog trainers advise with these best puppy: 3 top tips on how do you get a puppy to stop biting due to the fact that a lot of people simply do not know what to do, or, inadvertently make the problem worse by encouraging rough play. If your puppy is biting and you’re not sure what to do, these tips and video will help you to address the issue and give you the information you need to make a difference using simple dog training tips and techniques that work.

Best Puppy: 3 Top Tips on How Do You Get A Puppy to Stop Biting (Video)

Best Puppy: 3 Top Tips on How Do You Get A Puppy to Stop Biting (Video)

It goes without saying that investing the time and effort into your pet will result in long term benefits for both you and your puppy. The early days when your dog is getting used to his new environment are critical in developing the right relationship and establishing all the necessary “house rules” for your pet to adhere to. It’s very natural and normal for dogs to look for the rules, and if there aren’t any, he will begin misbehaving, biting, chewing furniture and shoes and general mayhem in your household.

Determine specific rules for your puppy and he will gladly obey them as this is what he’s used after being with his mother who clearly defined right and wrong from day 1. You need to continue taking that role of pack leader, and he will respect and fully understand the structure.

Best Puppy: 3 Top Tips on How Do You Get A Puppy to Stop Biting (Video)

1. Reduce bite pressure. When you puppy bites you in play, let out a squeal to surprise him. Simply emulate what his siblings did, and he will catch on.


2. Divert the bite. When your puppy is somewhere between 3 to 6 months old, this is the best time to divert natural biting away from your hand to another object, preferably a dedicated toy. There are lots of chewable toys available to help with this. (Click here for some products designed to  help with bite diversion) Don’t be afraid to say “no” either. Discipline is what your puppy is used to from his mother, and he’ll relate to it as normal and expected behavior. At this age, puppies are teething, and instinctively chew and bite to relieve the pain.


3. Pretend you’re injured. If you immediately stop playing with your puppy as soon as he bites too hard, stop the activity instantly and walk away. This is what another puppy does naturally to show that it wasn’t acceptable, or is no longer fun.

Dogs want to make you happy, and you can use this sense of loyalty to your advantage. In other words, if you follow the best puppy 3 top tips on how do you get a puppy to stop biting (video), you will get your pets attention that it’s no fun to be bitten, and he will soon learn what you are trying to communicate. Dogs have basic communication skills and tapping in to the way they communicate is going to make all the difference to the efficiency of your dog training methods.

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