Homeless Puppy Survives Being Flung into the Sea

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

Homeless Puppy Survives Being Flung into the Sea

Homeless Puppy Survives Being Flung into the Sea

Cruelty in any form is intolerable, and offenders should be prosecuted, punished and reeducated. However, they are not always caught, but the story below: homeless puppy survives being flung into the sea, shows that good people and good stories often come out of what could have otherwise been a tragic ending.

Animal cruelty should be reported to the nearest authorities in order to deal with such issues as soon as possible. If such ill-treatment is to go unreported the consequences may result negatively on the part of the animal, and the perpetrator may very well continue harming the pet. This is an offense punishable by law, and as a concerned member of your community, no such acts should be ignored.

The heartwarming account below tells of a young woman’s story about how she and her puppy were united:

Homeless Puppy Survives Being Flung into the Sea

There was no telling how long the dog had been bobbing in the ocean in the waters off Cancun by the time he was rescued.

By then, he had so much salt water in his ears and in his stomach — to say nothing of his other injuries and medical issues — no one imagined he would even survive.

Survive he did, though, and eventually made his way to Edmonton — and straight into Jannet Talbott’s heart.

Talbott first saw the dog she named “Wilson”.

If the photograph of the pooch stole Talbott’s heart, the accompanying story practically broke it in two.

When fishermen in the port towns come in with their catch, the dogs sneak onto the boats to scavenge for fish guts and whatever else they can find.

Sometimes they’re still hiding on the boats when the fishermen put out to sea again, and, when they’re discovered, are simply tossed over the side.

And so it was with Wilson, who is thought to have been paddling around in the water for days by the time he was spotted and pulled onto the boat that rescued him.

Barely 10 pounds, he was thought by the vet to be a cross between, of all things, a Pomeranian and a golden retriever. The vet also guessed him to be about eight years old, unheard of for most street dogs, whose life expectancy is somewhere between two to four years.

Wilson had never been vetted before so his nails had grown under his feet and his dew claws into his hind legs. He had a serious infection in his eye that necessitated its removal and was also grappling with a host of maladies that required medication.

“Now we’re starting with a clean slate,” says Talbott. “For the first time, likely in his life, he is pain free. I’m already seeing a difference, even though he still has stitches in his mouth.

“My heart gets bigger every day because of him. I have so much respect for his courage, and his will to live. I made him a promise: You will have the life every day that every animal deserves; you will receive love on a daily basis.” Click here to visit the original source of this post

A great story of how a homeless puppy survives being flung into the sea. It’s truly amazing that he not only managed to stay afloat for so many days, but that he wasn’t taken by predators due to the constant splashing as he swam to keep afloat. A fantastic ending for an otherwise castaway pooch from the streets of Mexico who had this unfortunate “swim” after being tossed overboard.

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