Why Do Dogs Love People So Much?

Written by a Dog named Bud

Why Do Dogs Love People So Much

Why Do Dogs Love People So Much? Photo by: Sivash Ghaszvinian

I sit here on the porch thinking about the past 12 months, and it’s been a good year. I’m constantly in love, so what more can I ask of life? I have no vices; I’ve committed no crime; somebody waits on me hand and foot — and hey, I’ve even got someone who picks up my poop!

When mommy and daddy come home each day, I’m just so happy to see them I can barely contain myself.

I am truly blessed.

Why Do Dogs Love People So Much?

I’ve heard that when families break up, they sometimes get a pet to replace the husband or wife. I’ve always figured that’s because they want someone to love them unconditionally — no arguments, no complaints, and no disappointments. We dogs, we can do that—it’s our gift.

This love that we have is within us from birth. It’s not something we learn; it’s inside our hearts. Yes, it grows and develops much the same as any other emotion, but our mission is to show this emotion outwardly and with enthusiasm.

I honor and respect my home and family forever.

I don’t lie, cheat or pretend I’m something I’m not. My lot is to be a shining light at any given time.

I have no thoughts of longing nor a sense of yearning for better things, for things couldn’t get any better for me because not only am I in love, but I am loved.

I walk, run, jump, play and live with the most beautiful humans in the world. They are my appointment, my pack, where my loyalty reigns supreme.

When I was a young pup, I thought I must have been the luckiest dog in the world, but when I met other dogs at the beach, the parks, or on walks, I soon found out that all dogs consider themselves the luckiest dogs in the world.

We all feel we are richly endowed with care and affection.

We are fed, provided for and revered by our masters.

We learn tricks to make them happy; we are sometimes dressed like idiots to make them happy. However, the irony of it all lies in the fact that if we are able to make them happy, then this brings immense happiness to us.

Dogs everywhere are bent on doing whatever it takes to show love, and if dressing like Spiderman does it, then we canines are in.

Life is short, and our lives are even shorter than yours. Waste no time to share love. Waste no time to give affection. Waste no time to jump for joy and let the world know you’re alive and doing your best.

When you give your heart to us, it’s usually because we’ve already given our heart to you. That’s okay, though, because we’re always first to reveal our true, honest and pure intentions. When you ask, “Why do dogs love people so much?” just remember: This is our role; this is our calling and our quest.

We dogs bring healing to the sick, a smile to the sad, purpose to the lonely, companionship, love and fun to all.

These are my thoughts and aspirations as I look across the yard at the family I have grown up with. This is why I’m constantly in love, so what more can I ask of life?

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